The One Chamblee team plans to hold 4 Community Education Sessions and 4 public meetings throughout this process! See below for upcoming meeting dates and to get information from previously held meetings:
Dates, times, and locations are subject to change.

Community Education Session #1

Before our Kick-Off Meeting on April 10th, Jon Tuley with the Atlanta Regional Commission. gave an interesting presentation on why demographics research matters to planning, and how changes to the Atlanta Region’s population over the next few decades could impact Chamblee. You can download the presentation below.

Kick-Off Meeting

The Kick-Off Meeting on April 10th gave interested Chamblee residents and stakeholders an opportunity to learn about the planning process and give some initial feedback on the city’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. You can download the presentation below.

Planning Workshop #1

The first of two community planning workshops, this workshop gave everyone a chance to review the current comprehensive plan’s vision and goals and give input on how they could be improved to better guide the future, and review current policies and decide what should be prioritized during this planning process.

Community Education Session #2

After everyone had a chance to give input, the second community education session, Market and Economic Realities, was given by Joe Minicozzi from the Asheville-based firm Urban 3. This session presented case studies as to why higher density and mixed use developments are the better strategies to increase the health of a city’s tax base, and highlighted some Chamblee-specific examples.
You can download the presentation below.

Community Education Session #3

Our third community education session was on Traditional Neighborhood Design. This session, led by consultant TSW, discussed New Urbanism and the components used to create great communities. This session also featured a discussion led by consultant Southface on sustainable design practices, particularly Low-Impact Development.
You can download the presentation below.

Planning Workshop #2

After the community education session, the second of the two Planning Workshops was held. During the workshop, the community was able to give input on the updated Character Area map and visions, and the preliminary concepts for the six small area plans.
You can download the updated Character Area map and the small area plan concepts below.

Draft Plan Open House

Our final meeting allowed members of the community to give their input on the plan’s vision, goals, policies, and projects. The updated six Small Area Plans were displayed for feedback. Lastly, a priority project activity gave participants the opportunity to vote for the projects they want to see prioritized using Planning Dollars. |
You can download the boards below.

Community Education Session #4

Our final community education session was on Housing Market & Housing Affordability. This first part of the session, led by Bleakly Advisory Group, discussed the role housing plays in a city’s economic development and discussed the national trends that affect housing supply and demand today. The next two parts of the session discussed strategies to increase affordable housing stock that have worked in metro Atlanta.
You can download the presentation and watch the video below.