Pop-Up #1 at Plaza Fiesta

On Saturday, April 13th, members of the One Chamblee team set up a table at Plaza Fiesta in order to advertise the next planning workshop to the local Hispanic/Latino community. Flyers and other marketing materials were translated into Spanish and were distributed to interested participants.

As part of the Pop-Up, a Ball/Basket activity was set up as a way to get initial input. The question, “What is most important for Chamblee’s future?” was displayed, and six baskets represented different options: environmental protection, a town green, walkability, bikeability, affordable housing, and an arts center. Participants tossed a ball into the basket(s) that best represented their wish for Chamblee’s future.

The final tallies for the Ball/Basket activity are as follows:
Environmental Protection: 21
Town Green: 20
Bikeability: 12
Walkability: 9
Affordable Housing: 6
Arts Center: 5

Overall, the Planning Team had a great time interacting with the community, and was able to get some great feedback on Chamblee’s future!

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